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Have you found some interesting fossils but are unsure how to identify them?
Are you confused about the difference between brachiopods and bivalves
or crinoids and corals?

This page is designed to help you identify fossils by providing links to fossil-related web sites as well as contact information for paleontologists here at KU.

Contact information for Biodiversity Institute faculty, researchers, and staff.

To get a general idea of what your fossil might be, start by visiting the sites listed below.


The PaleoPortal Fossil Gallery is very useful for fossil identification.


GeoKansas, hosted by the Kansas Geological Survey, is a comprehensive site that describes the geology of the state of Kansas. This site contains a very useful guide to Kansas fossils.

Oceans of Kansas

Oceans of Kansas is a site devoted to fossils of Kansas and fossils from the late Cretaceous western interior sea.

Ancient Life Found in Kansas Rocks

Ancient Life Found in Kansas Rocks, also hosted by the Kansas Geological Survey, is an online book that describes Kansas fossils.

Kansas University Museum of Invertebrate Paleontology

The Biodiversity Institute collections include 9 million specimens of plants, animals and fossils collected worldwide and 1.2 million archaeological artifacts.

General Information from the
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