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  Since its inception in the late 1940s, the aim of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology has been to present a comprehensive and authoritative yet compact statement of knowledge concerning groups of invertebrate fossils. Professor Raymond C. Moore, the project's founder, envisaged the Treatise as ultimately comprising three hefty volumes with a total of some 3,000 pages. The Treatise, expanding in fifty years beyond Moore's wildest dream, now comprises 50 volumes and involves the work of more than 300 authors worldwide with another dozen or so volumes in various stages of preparation.

Information about the latest Treatise volumes:
Part T (Revised) Echinodermata 2, vol. 3 (2011)
Part L (Revised) Mollusca 4, vol. 2 (2009)
Part H (Revised) Brachiopoda, vol. 6 (2007)

Additional information for authors can be found by visiting the links below. 

Manual for Coordinating Authors

Author's Manual and Templates

Instructions for Image Submission

Image Scanning Instructions

Image Uploading Instructions

R.C. Moore, founder of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, imagines a possible total number of Treatise volumes.

Late Assistant editor Jill Hardesty
(1995-2013) stands beside a more recent stack of Treatise volumes.