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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part O, Arthropoda 1

Title Part O, Arthropoda 1
Subtitle Arthropoda General Features, Protarthropoda, Euarthropoda General Features, Trilobitomorpha
Publication Date 1959
Editor Raymond C. Moore
Authors H. J. Harrington, Gunnar Henningsmoen, B. F. Howell, Valdar Jaanusson, Christina Lochman-Balk, R. C. Moore, Christina Poulsen, Franco Rasetti, Emma Richter, Herta Schmidt, Klaus Sdzuy, Wolfgang Struve, Leif Størmer, C. J. Stubblefield, Ronald Tripp, J. M. Weller, and H. B. Whittington
Editorial Assistants
Valume Specifications xix + 560 pp., 415 fig.
ISBN 0-8137-3015-5 / 978-0-8137-3015-8
Format Out of print - Searchable PDF file on CD
Price $30.00

Part O, Arthropoda 1 (CD) $30.00

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