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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part T, Echinodermata 2, vol. 1-3

Title Part T, Echinodermata 2, vol. 1-3
Subtitle Crinoidea
Publication Date 1978
Editors Raymond C. Moore and Curt Teichert
Authors Georges Ubaghs, R. C. Moore, H. Wienberg Rasmussen, N. Gary Lane, Albert Breimer, H. L. Strimple, J. C. Brower, Russell M. Jeffords, James Sprinkle, R. E. Peck, D. B. Macurda, Jr., D. L. Meyer, Michel Roux, Hertha Sieverts-Doreck, R. O. Fay, and R. A. Robison
Editorial Assistants Jack D. Keim, Lavon McCormick, Roger B. Williams
Valume Specifications xxxviii + 1027 pp., 619 fig.
ISBN 0-8137-3021-X / 978-0-8137-3021-9
Format Out of print - Searchable PDF file on CD
Price $100.00

Part T, Echinodermata 2, vol. 1-3 (CD) $100.00

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