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Treatise Online, Part F (Revised) vol. 2, Cnidaria

Title Part F (Revised) vol. 2, Cnidaria
Subtitle (Scleractinia)
Publication Date 2015
Editor Paul A. Selden
Authors Ann F. Budd (Coordinating Author) Steve D. Cairns, Rosemarie C. Baron-Szabo, Bernard Lathuilière, Ewa Roniewicz, and Jaroslaw Stolarski
ISSN (online) 2153-4012
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Add to Cart Part F (Revised) Chapter 10, 10 p. $7.95
Systematic Descriptions of the Scleractinia Family Rhizangiidae
     Baron-Szabo, Cairns; 2016. Treatise Online 80:1-10, 4 fig.

Add to Cart Part F (Revised) Chapter 11, 8 p., 5 fig., 1 table. $6.95
Systematic descriptions of the Scleractinia family Micrabaciidae
     Baron-Szabo, Cairns. 2017. Treatise Online 98:1-8, 5 fig., 1 table.

Add to Cart Part F (Revised) Chapter 12, 3 p., 1 fig. $2.95
Systematic descriptions of the Scleractiniafamily Rhipidastraeidae
     Baron-Szabo; 2017. Treatise Online 99:1-3, 1 fig.

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