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Treatise Online, Part T (Revised) Echinodermata 2, vol. 1, Crinoidea

Title Part T (Revised) Echinodermata 2, vol. 1
Subtitle Crinoidea
Publication Date 2010
Editor Paul A. Selden
Authors William I. Ausich (Coordinating Author)
Tomasz K. Baumiller, Brian E. Bodenbender, Carlton E. Brett, Stephen K. Donovan, Michael Foote, Thomas Edgar Guensburg, Hans Hagdorn, Thomas Heinzeller, Hans Hess, John W. M. Jagt, Thomas W. Kammer, George C. McIntosh, Charles G. Messing, David L. Meyer, Tatsuo Oji, Kevin J. Peterson, George Sevastopulo, James T. Sprinkle, Gary D. Webster, and Ulrich Welsch
ISSN (online) 2153-4012
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Add to Cart Part T (Revised) Chapter 6, 5 p. $4.95
Glossary of patterns, abbreviations, and symbols used to designate crinoid morphology
     Ausich; 2011. Treatise Online 145:1-5.

Add to Cart Part T (Revised) Chapter 16, 47 p., 24 fig. $36.95
Feeding and arm postures in living and fossil crinoids
     Messing, Charles G., William I. Ausich, and David L. Meyer; 2021. Treatise Online 145:1-47, 24 fig.

Add to Cart Part T (Revised) Chapter 19, 32 p. $30.95
Paleoecology of pelagic crinoids
     Hess; 2010. Treatise Online 16:1-33, 23 fig.

Add to Cart Part T (Revised) Chapter 20, 9 p. $5.95
Biostratigraphic value of Mesozoic crinoids
     Hess; 2010. Treatise Online 125:1-9, 4 fig.

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