Lindley Hall, home of the Paleontological Institute, on the beautiful University of Kansas campus.

PALEO NEWS:       The Paleontological Institute is pleased to announce the newest publication (number 11) in the Paleontological Contributions series. René Hoffmann, 2015, The correct taxon name, authorship, and publication date of extant ten-armed coleoids can be downloaded from the KU ScholarWorks site (

AND THAT'S NOT ALL:       The Paleontological Institute is also pleased to announce the publication of the latest article in Treatise Online: Jörg Maletz, Denis E. B. Bates, Edsel D. Brussa, Roger A. Cooper, Alfred C. Lenz, John F. Riva, Blanca A. Toro & Yuandong Zhang. March 2014 Part V, Revision 2, Volume 1, Chapter 12 Glossary of the Hemichordata Treatise Online 62:1-23, 6 figs.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE:       The Paleontological Institute is pleased to announce a series of articles (numbers 10A-10J) in the Paleontological Contributions series, a thematic collection of papers on arthropod inclusions in Late Cretaceous amber from the Vendée, north-west France. The publication Fossil arthropods in Late Cretaceous Vendean amber (northwestern France) can be downloaded as a complete book, or in 10 individual chapters from the KU ScholarWorks site (      

   Last Updated 1/29/2015