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Scanning Digital Images

In conjunction with our printer, Allen Press, we offer the foll/owing guidelines for the preparation of digital files so that contributors may achieve high-quality results with the fewest problems. If you have any questions, please call (785-864-3338) or e-mail our editorial office (paleo@ku.edu) before beginning the process.

File Formatting:

*The Paleo Institute uses the Adobe suite of products. Questions concerning software compatibility should be discussed with the editorial staff prior to preparation of images.

*TIFF and EPS are the preferred formats. PSD (Photoshop document) is also acceptable.

*Please do not use RGB or Indexed Color Mode.

*Please do not submit graphic files saved as Powerpoint, Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Pict, EPSF, EPSI, PS, GIF, BMP, or JPEG files.

Scanned images:

*Bitmap line art should be scanned at 1200 d.p.i.

*Grayscale images should be scanned at 300 d.p.i.

Naming your files:

*Each genus should have a unique identifier (a control number) for its file name(s). Control numbers should consist of a three-letter prefix, which designates the name of the author or authors, and a number (e.g., ABC0001).

*Each author should use the same three-letter prefix for all figures.

*Each electronic file should contain only one view of a specimen.

*Related illustrations, such as two views of the same genus, may be differentiated by following the control number with a lowercase letter (e.g., ABC0002a and ABC0002b).

*Editorial staff will replace all control numbers with sequential figure numbers in final page proofs.

Means of submission:

*Use CD ROMs or ZIP disks for large files. Smaller files may be submitted on 3.5" floppy disks.

*Authors may also use the FTP site set up at the Paleo Institute (this site) for submission of figures.

Please review the image uploading instructions or contact the editorial office (paleo@ku.edu) for specific instructions.

*Label the media to indicate author name, application used, and file type.

*For the editor's reference, supply a hard copy (a photocopy is fine) of each file, labeled with the control number.

*Supply a directory of the files on the disk.

*Send only one version of each file. Please contact the editors (paleo@ku.edu) before submitting revised files.

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