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There are 21 individual volumes in 15 parts of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology that are out of print. This includes older volumes that have been superseded by revisions. Each of these volumes is available on CD as a single, searchable PDF file. The collection of out-of-print volumes can also be purchased together on a single DVD.

Choose from the list below for additional information and to purchase individual volumes on CD.

Volumes Out of Print/Superseded

  Part A, Introduction, Fossilization (Taphonomy) Biogeography and Biostratigraphy 1979

  Part D, Protista 3, Protozoa (Chiefly Radiolaria and Tintinnina) 1954

  Part E, Archaeocyatha, Archaeocyatha and Porifera 1955

  Part F, Coelenterata 1956

  Part G, Bryozoa 1953

  Part H, Brachiopoda, vol. 1 & 2 1965

  Part I, Mollusca 1, Mollusca General Features... 1960

  Part K, Mollusca 3, 1964

  Part L, Mollusca 4, Cephalopoda, Ammonoidea 1957

  Part N, Mollusca 6, vol. 1 & 2 1969

  Part O, Arthropoda 1, Arthropoda General Features... 1959

  Part R, Arthropoda 4, vol. 1 & 2, Crustacea (Exclusive of Ostracoda), Myriapoda, Hexapoda 1969

  Part R, Arthropoda 4, vol. 3 & 4, 1992

  Part S, Echinodermata 1 vol. 1 & 2, Echinodermata General Features... 1968

  Part T, Echinodermata 2, vol. 1-3, Crinoidea 1978

  Part V, Graptolithina, Enteropneusta, Pterobrachia 1955

  Part W, (Revised and Enlarged) Miscellanea Supplement 1, Trace Fossils and Problematica 1975

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All Superseded Volumes

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